meet the beach: chichester steve

Posted on November 08, 2013 by Georgia Wyatt-Willsmore | 0 comments

Directions are not steve's strong point..and he lives in the middle of nowhere, so google maps wont work either...

'Its just past the mini post box by the bendy tree, then you can just follow it round...'


Its not...

Steve hires out marquees all over the south coast of Britain for all kinds of events. We could have chosen a hundred different marquee hire places, but we work with Steve because of his attention to detail.

He knows exactly where each marquee has been and where its going, [from Bollywood productions to Bar Mitzvahs], what its made of and how big it is.

Most importantly, he takes care of his fabrics. He has a team of people washing and repairing and he never throws anything away if it can still be used AT ALL. Even as a cover to protect his function chairs and tables..

We know that by the time we collect it, we are genuinely saving it from an eternity in landfill and that it is the best quality, most durable [cleanest] PVC we can source.

This makes it perfect for the extremities it will face as our surfboard bags and amazing for the testing commutes of the Frank messenger bag.

Thank you Steve- we salute you and your eccentric ways!

Just have to try and find that main road.....




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