island artist collaboration: holly V maslen

In the first of a series in which Wyatt & Jack have teamed up with 5 Isle of Wight Artists, to create a Limited Edition range of hand painted totes, we caught a few minutes with extremely busy artist/illustrator and author Holly Maslen to find out more about her relationship with our beautiful British coastline...

W&J: Tell us a story about your connection with the beach.....


HVM: I believe that my non-existent sense of direction has something to do with being left handed, everything always ends up back to front so, I find the beach very comforting because I always know where I am when I'm on the beach as the horizon is right there in front of me!  The beach also contrasts completely with my working environment.  Being an illustrator my working world is very, very small.  I am often focused on a drawing for hours at a time so in order to take a break and get a fresh perspective, where better to go than the beach?  And I'm lucky to live just five minutes walk from one of the loveliest coastlines in the UK.


W&J: Which is your favourite bag and why?


HVM: The Frank is my favourite bag because it fits an A4 folder comfortably, the strap is wide and doesn't dig into my shoulder and, best of all it's waterproof, which is good for me as I'm always ferrying precious drawings from one place to another.  Also, it's stylish and reminds me of Italy and the 1980's.


W&J: What puts a smile on your face?


HVM: Ah, too many things to mention...but I'll have a go!  Laughing at the dinner table with my two sons and realising that we all share the same sense of humour, singing the words to all The Stranglers tracks with a friend of mine who is the only other girl I know who knows the lyrics, mixing a mean White Russian, all the drawings Mr A.Kaula has ever given me, watching people dance when I D.J. and the usual things like giggling from a distance when someone trips in the street and carries on walking but looking slightly embarrassed.


W&J: What do you put on your toast?


HVM: Marmalade, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs, marmite, cheese and tomatoes, strawberry jam....(but not all at the same time!)

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