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We've had a few really interesting conversations with people this week about traceability of products.

We are living in an age of complete submersion in technology... you can even buy a 'toddler- proof' case and app for your smart phone [start 'em early...]

Obviously there are pros and cons and many opinions surrounding this, but what occurred to us this week was that with all this technology, traceability of products its easier than ever.

As consumers we have a right to know where the things we buy are made, who made them and that they were paid a fair price for doing so.

As manufacturers and retailers, we have a responsibility to make that journey from material sourcing to garment creation as transparent as possible.. its easy. It really is...

If a company is honest about its products, they will openly tell you the whole process from A to B, so you can be confident in your decision that the item has been made in a responsible and sustainable way...

Unless that process is always open and available, we might all just believe that the things we purchase are made by unicorns [paid fairly, in glitter, obviously]

Just for the record, wyatt and jack have done that from day one- and continue to do so....

PLUS the entire process is completed here, in Britain.

The inside of your bag will confirm that for you too... Life after the beach


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