meet the beach: charlotte our shiny new apprentice

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This morning we are more than pleased to welcome the lovely sparkly [busy!] Charlotte to our little family as our BraNd NeW apprentice.

Charlotte has an amazingly individual sense of style, design led background and a natural creative talent for writing so will definitely be contributing to our new product ranges and news section here on our site- [as well as writing her own successful beauty and nutrition blog].. 

WELCOME charlotte and thanks so much for joining us- we're super pleased to have you here...

w&j: tell us a story about your connection with the beach....

cm: I never tire of watching the waves roll into the shore...There is something almost humbling about watching the sea in its primal, and untamable glory. Your problems and all else appear dwarfed as you come to realisation that before you exists something that was there long before you and will be there long after. 

 w&j: which is your favourite bag and why?

cm: The Vivian, for its size, shape, and general loveliness. I always tend to carry far more than I need in my bag, and have all sorts of useless bits and pieces crammed in, so a large bag is a must. 

 w&j: what puts a smile on your face?

cm: So very many things, yet spending time with my family above all else. 

 w&j: what do you put on your toast?

cm: I haven’t been able to eat toast for ages, due to a wheat/gluten intolerance...But, given half the chance, I’d top my toast with mashed avocados or scrambled eggs, or a combination of the two. I do miss (proper) toast! 









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