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Supporting Island Business

Starting a small business is a super tricky thing to do...it will take everything you have- blood, sweat and tears...

Add to that a list of specifications and an ethos that means you want to keep as much of your business here in the UK as possible and it becomes a whole lot tricker!

We are lucky to live here on the Island, there are  networks of people, willing to support Island based ideas and business and even provide some help with the funding of it.

We spoke to Andrea Page over at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce, so she could tell us a little bit more about the services they provide:

“In the 13 years the Isle of Wight Lottery has been in existence, we have helped to create 71 new companies and thousands of jobs! Not forgetting the chance to win £2000 every single week through the Isle of Wight Lottery.

 To date we have given away £1.6 million in prize money alone. All of the money stays here on the island for the benefit of the economy. 

In addition, we have made loans in excess of £600K to Island companies”

Andrea Page, Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce


This has been a real lifeline to us here at Wyatt & Jack and we just wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone over at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce, for not only believing in business- but believing in ideas

If you have an idea that you really want to get off the ground, maybe you'd like a friendly ear or some advice, you can contact the chamber directly at


For more information about business funding opportunities here on the Island, have a look at this... 



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