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wyatt and jack introduces...home and spaces

Wedgwood, Spode, and Dalton are all names associated with Staffordshire, UK.

They are names associated with quality- as is this world renowned pottery area.

Because of the huge amounts of clay, lead and salt present in the area, it became the natural home of ceramics.

Farmers used to dig straight from the roads and make pots when the land became less fertile. Making use of the local commodities, keeping it basic.

Thats why it was the only place we wanted to be, when it came to the manufacture of our new ceramic homewares range.

Wyatt and Jack [home&spaces] has a special significance for me. I studied ceramics at college, i built kilns with raw materials and set fire to anything and everything i could lay my hands on. 

As soon as i started making the bags and using the repurposed deckchair canvas, i knew i wanted to find a way of preserving it forever. It seemed a natural fit to use clay- keep it basic. 

Our introductory pieces took a lot of time to develop. Trips to Stoke, meetings with craftsmen and women using traditional techniques to create unique, high end products.

It was a humbling experience. It also confirmed something . Despite the closure of many factories across the UK, there are still little pockets of people working together to keep British manufacture alive.

We wanted wyatt and Jack to be a little part of that 'quiet and polite revolution'.


A good friend of mine would say 'no smoke, just good quality product'- I'm proud to say that these sets are exactly that.

Made from the whitest fine bone china and printed, using techniques that are unique to our manufacturer, each set is truly bespoke.

There will never be a duplicate.

The technique used means that its just not possible- i LOVE that most of all.

The inner rims are stamped with our ampersand logo and underneath is the trusted and familiar Stafford pottery stamp.

W&J home and spaces has many more surprises to come- but the starting point had to be ceramics- it feels like we've come full circle....

shop wyatt&jack [home and spaces] here....

or visit us on stand ZE23 at TopDrawer Trade Show, Olympia. Sept 14/15/16th 2014

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  • Keep these arcitles coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.


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