we're listening... the vivien [mark 2]

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When we launched the vivien- we couldn't believe how popular it became so quickly...but even when things are really good, theres still room for improvement...

We asked you what you would do to make our vivien weekender even more useful..

you liked the dimensions, the shape, the pockets, the feet... 

you thought it should have a zipped fastening to enable storage in overhead compartments on trains and planes- so we've added one...


and you suggested that we make the handles thinner and a touch longer for a more comfortable wear so the NEW vivien has handles that are just a touch thinner and just a touch longer....just a touch more comfy!

You liked the original colour ways and so did we- so we kept them.. but we've added a stripe with the same hardwearing gusset [well, we do love a stripe!]

introducing the NEW vivien- thank you for all your feedback!

we hope you like her....






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March 09, 2015

That’s really thikinng out of the box. Thanks!

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