the salvage: a little piece of history in all of our bags

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those are filthy....

"filthy?!... thats just TIME love..."

thats a hell of a lot of time right there....

And he was right... it is.

A lot of time.

These chairs were used to surround the bandstand at summer concerts, throughout the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's in Sandown, here on the Isle of Wight

Imagine the characters that would have sat on them throughout the years.

Mods, double- denim- clad flock of seagulls fans, global hyper colour t-shirt wearing holidaymakers, families, kids, grandparents....

Theres a little piece of history in every single one of these directors chairs ....


That means theres a little piece of history in each piece of fabric... which means that there's also, a little piece of that history in all of our bags.


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