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another british company [zero waste] collaboration

Andy was born in Liverpool to 2 hard working parents, his mother a ward clerk in the local hospital, his father a paint sprayer.

Working in the inflatables trade was never really part of his with most things- the process was organic...

" My first trade was a butcher, working for a chain of shops called 'Kew House'. You may remember them if you're as old as me- they specialised in barbecue chickens....!

After that a newsagents, this proved to be a stroke of luck as it was here that a guy came into the shop suffering from a back injury- he asked me if I wanted to buy a bouncy castle.

I 'jumped' at the chance [!] as my sons 2nd birthday was coming up [that same son is 27 now and manufactures for Andy in his Merseyside factory] 

A year later- i had 12 of them- the next 7 years saw us grow from garden shed manufacture to Global supplier of inflatables..."

Andy {AJL Leisure Ltd]

Obviously the processes of manufacturing on such a large scale mean that there is a certain amount of waste product.

It just so happens that this waste product is of the highest quality vinyl PVC and comes in every. single. colour. of the rainbow!

We are unbelievably pleased to be collaborating with Andy and his team- firstly as working towards a Zero Waste policy for Andy's factory- and secondly to bring you our most premium products to date...

Ladies and gentlemen... may we introduce....

The Teddy [Luxury Tote]


The Six [Take it to Work] Satchel


Available now for pre- order from TODAY!

Find out more here....


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