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meet the beach: british manufacture [now and always]

1969 was a great time for British manufacture.

Dinesh and his family were employing 25 people to sew, full time, every day of every week...

Then the crash came in the 90's. They lost their father [and director of the business] shortly afterwards they lost their factory.

It was a rough, horrible time.

Dinesh's brother decided they had to carry on. By strange coincidence, their family surname in the Indian Caste system, means 'shoe maker' or 'cobbler'. It was in the genes- he had to start manufacturing again.

So he did.

In a shed. In his garden. With his brothers.

And thats where they still make bags today, for both well known brands such as Lulu Guinness, but also beautifully crafted bespoke pieces for smaller independents.

And us.

We're so pleased to be working with this family, who are so passionate about what they do and making sure the product is of the highest quality.

Just as it used to be... All our bags are sourced and sewn right here in Britain-and ALWAYS will be.

Thats something we couldn't be more proud of.



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  • That really capretus the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.


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