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oil drums, sandals, rope and rubber gloves


 This weekend we popped down to Compton Beach here on the Isle of Wight, to help Surfers Against Sewage at their Big Spring Beach Clean []

As everything we make here is up cycled from deckchair canvas or beach materials, its also interesting to see if theres anything we may be able to use at some point...its unreal the things that get recovered from all the rocky nooks and crannies..

You never know when an old beach sandal might serve a purpose!

Theres a whole stack of beach cleans going on around the UK if you'd like to get involved...

Check out '2 Minute Beach Clean' [below]

If you fancy owning a little piece of British beach history- and doing your bit for the environment, you can shop our bags according to the UK beach that we have sourced the fabrics from here...



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