pronounced: ig-WHA-noh-don

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"Iguanodon could probably walk on all fours or on 2 legs. It had a large thumb spike, probably to fend off predators"

When you live in a place, especially when you run a business in that place and the business has a hugely strong connection to the beach, its really important to know the history of it.

Just like we tell the history of each of our bags inside with a tiny label of provenance, its important to give context.

I had a really good example of context a couple of weeks ago, whilst on a breezy walk over on the opposite side of the Island...

I'd been told about the dinosaurs many times. Apparently the Island used to be in the same place as North Africa is today. The climate was subtropical. The conditions were perfect for fossil formation... there are LOADS of them here...but i'd never seen them.

Either the tide had been wrong or they had been covered with sand, nay this time we ventured over to the West side, so had the local dinosaur guide...and, knowing where they all are, had uncovered a trail of them on the beach...

These are the footprints of an Iguanodon...

Its such a weird feeling to know that you're standing on the spot that once upon a time, [120 MILLION years ago] there stood a dinosaur.

And [apparently], one of the most 'successful' dinosaurs of all, since there are more of the Iguanodon footprint than any other, here on the Isle.

If you get a chance, pop over and have a look. 

Its definitely a very humbling experience...



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