meet the beach| jacey [sandown, iow]

The materials we use to make our up cycled deckchair canvas and repurposed bouncy castle PVC bags are sourced from beaches all over the UK...
This summer, as part of our 'Meet the Beach' series, we will be sharing some stories of the beach concessionaires that we get our fabrics from and finding out what life is like when you live AND work entirely on the beaches of Britain...
Jacey has been working on the beach her whole life as her parents built the sundial beach cafe in sundown and her father, Norman, was one of the very first beach concessionaires on the island..(1964 Central Beach, Sandown)

W&J: What's your earliest /funniest memory of Sandown?
I remember, being in the water all day long and tipping our [rental]
canoes upside down and swimming underneath them
W&J: What do you love most about your job?
I LOVE being outside, the sea and sand and the physical nature of it all.
When it's 7 in the morning and there's nobody else on the beach...
And having a cold beer at the end of the day is the best beer you'll ever
W&J: How have you seen the beach change over the years?
When I grew up, there was barely a space on the beach and summers were
ALWAYS hot...I remember the sea always being packed full of people
swimming, now it's not so much like that..although there are now more
European style cafes here now, selling a wider range of food and drinks, so that's nice!
W&J: What would you like to see happen in Sandown over the next few
I would like the town to tidy up! I'd like too see more high street
retailers coming in and a few less gift shops. The hotels and derelict
buildings need to pulled down and replaced with others that in keeping
with the surroundings. Not really high blocks of flats...
W&J: What do you have on your toast?
I don't eat wheat anymore but when I used to, the ultimate is loads of
butter and marmalade... I do still treat myself to that every now and

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