which stripe and from where?

Posted on April 16, 2015 by Georgia Wyatt-Willsmore | 0 comments

Each one of our up cycled deckchair canvas bags is stripy. You can't get around it... stripes and deck chairs just go hand in hand...

Whats even more interesting, is that the stripes vary as you travel around the UK...

For example, in London, Her Majesty The Queen, likes to have a green and white stripe in The Royal London Parks [mostly], so you know, if you're going for the green and white, chances are, we've picked it up from Hyde Park, or Regents Park- it will tell you inside, on a label, as it does inside all our repurposed bouncy castle PVC and up cycled deckchair canvas bags.

You have your own little piece of British history...a unique provenance.

Some of our more vintage stripes [like the Margate and Broadstairs red stripes] are becoming more and more rare.

Some have made it all the way from the 1950's... sometimes i wish they could speak and tell us some stories....in a way, the shapes and marks in the fabric do tell those stories, in quiet way...

-as it says on our swing tags...

"its sad to grow old, but nice to ripen"

brigitte bardot





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