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rarities and the attention span of a goldfish

In the workshop, there are racks upon racks of rolled up fabrics... deckchair canvases from the 1940's onwards... bouncy castles covered with dinosaurs, tigers and Arabian princes....

Then there's a container outside... with fabrics i haven't even SEEN yet.. i'm saving that for a special occasion [I don't get out much!]

On a regular basis, there are fabrics that people may drop, that are truly 'one off'.

Thats all there is. Just that one ripped boat cover, tarpaulin, dry suit or rubber dinghy.

Of course, its important that we have a range of bags that never changes... that people come to know and rely on. Familiar shapes and colours... that will always stay as it is.

But sometimes, halfway through making the staples, my eyes wander across to the little stashes of less familiar fabric... then my mind wanders and i think of things I'd like to make with it... then my feet wander over and before you know it, theres a completely different bag on the cutting table alongside a half- finished one.

So, I thought I'd make it a bit more coherent [as best i can, with a goldfish attention span..]

After the 'Vintage and Rare' collection proved so popular, I thought, what I'd do, every month or so, is launch a range of VERY limited bags in VERY limited fabrics... I mean, literally, just ONE of each- maybe a new shape, maybe a more familiar one... but just ONE and when they're gone- they're gone...

Hopefully you like that idea too... you can have a look at the first one [made from PVC backed washed canvas] H E R E :


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