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making stuff out of old other stuff | Deane Valentine Bowers Art

'Cleaning up the city... One nail at a time!'
Part one in a new series of guest blogs featuring artists repurposing materials and generally making stuff out of old other stuff...
This Friday its the turn of Deane Valentine Bowers, who creates beautiful, vibrant pieces of folk art from found objects and other treasures in Charleston, South Carolina...
DVB: "I am a self taught artist and have absolutely loved art all my life. I have taken many art classes throughout my school and adult years but never got a degree in it. I chose psychology as a degree instead, which has served me well because I have four children! My family and I live outside of Charleston, South Carolina. I have a studio in my home which is a converted mud room that I outfitted to become a studio.
My children are all grown now with my youngest turning 20 at the end of this month! I loved being a stay at home mother and my art business was a wonderful aside to have while I raised my children. 
I have been primarily focused on working in found objects for about 10 years. Before that, I worked solely in ceramics and painted canvases, even before that I painted children's clothes and children's furniture.
My work with recycled materials has been my most favorite as well as most satisfying! I love walking around the streets, parking lots and beaches of my city, with my little red bucket, searching for discarded and forgotten materials. Plus. I love the fact that I am cleaning up my city, even if it is one nail at a time!
Every little bit makes a difference! I think our society needs more education, incentive and focus on recycling and making it a lifestyle choice.
When I tell people I am an "Environmental Folk Artist" they don't understand and then they quickly say "oh, you make art out of trash!" Immediately I feel like my art is discounted in their eyes because they view it as trash! I still struggle to find a receptive gallery to exhibit my work. They seem to want the "fine" art! 
Two things that are most important to me as an artist:
Make art that uplifts people
Strive to be an environmentally conscientious artist.
If I am successful at those missions, I am happy. Selling my work is not a priority, although it is nice. I love to share my work any way I can by exhibiting, educating and donating " 


To see more of Deanes beautiful up cycled pieces, check her out on pinterest and instagram

If you'd like to have your work featured on our 'Making Stuff Out of Old Other Stuff' blog, please email with some pictures, a few words and any social media links you would like included.

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