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Throwback Thursday | Life After The Beach

A bit late to the party perhaps... but Wyatt and Jack now have a BRAND NEW YouTube channel...

We will be adding more recent films gradually over the next few weeks, but there are already a few uploaded, telling the stories of our up cycled deckchair canvases, beach materials and bouncy castles, as well as the people and places we source them from...

Its more and more important to know where your products and materials have come from, to provide a transparent and sustainable supply chain.

We hope these films will give more of an insight into the heritage and roots of our fabrics, as well as conveying some of the nostalgia that comes along with them- particularly the deckchair canvases [some of which are over 50 years old]

Your own little piece of British Seaside History- We Are Made By The Sea

S H O P | H E R E


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