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wyatt&jack the launch party

blog post [9/6/13]

Wyatt&Jack Launch Party

A few months ago, i got a phone call, asking me to come straight away to the far end of Sandown esplanade, to an old toilet block at the back of a cafe.

The council were blocking it off and inside there were 50 deckchairs... did i want them?
I’ll admit, i’m easily excited- but this was OUTRAGEOUS..i drove straight down and found

a whole stack of chairs, with some of the most colourful canvases i’ve seen- in perfect condition!

6 months later and that toilet block is now a beautiful beach front cafe. It seemed very fitting that it should be the venue for the launch, with the bags made from the material we’d rescued from there a few months before

We wanted to let people on the Island know what was happening and also celebrate how far we’ve come..

Greg and Amanda Orr [owners of The Beach Shack] were so welcoming and friendly and all night

there was a steady stream of fresh, beautifully presented food... AMAZING!

The bags looked beautiful against the 180o views of the sea and,
nearer the end, everyone grabbed a bag and went for a little stroll along the water at sunset- beautiful!

A perfect evening, understated and full of laughter, good friends, food, drink and bags..what a way to start!

Thanks to everyone who made it [we raised a glass for those who couldn’t be with us] and if you’re visiting the island, pop in and see Greg and Amanda, they’d love to see you [ask for the crab cakes- you’ll never leave!]

little film on the way soon....





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