Those that inspire

Anyone who has ever started their own business will know how tricky the first stages can be.
Its at these points that we look to others who we consider to be at the 'top of their game' for knowledge, guidance and support.
Wyatt&Jack have been very lucky in this respect.
Right from day one, Finisterre [a UK based cold water surfing company] have been our company of choice. The most amazing thing being that, busy as they are, they've been supportive of our bags from the start. 
When those that inspire you like what you're doing, it drives you to do more of it, in better ways...
The voice of the brand, Ernest Capbert, has one of our board bags. We think he likes it.
"i have a toiletry bag i love, i have a rucksack that i love and a pair of boots with red laces that i love. these are the things i take on a cold water surf trip and they all sit so well together.
you put a board bag from one of the larger brands next to it all and although the board bag at times, does what it should, it falls short of looking beautiful, they always do.
can someone make a board bag that does what it should but also look good?
i can happily say yes, hello wyatt and jack."

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