meet the beach: tassy swallow


This week, we finally managed to catch up with under 21’s British Surfing Champion, W&J ambassador, board bag road tester and all round busy lady, Miss Tassy Swallow for a brief chat about the secret behind her consistently cheesy grin...




W&J: tell us a story about your connection with the beach

TS: I come from a family of 7 children, although i wasn't born in cornwall, my parents brought us up by the sea from when I was super young. Ever since i first showed an interest in surfing my mum and dad have supported me in every way they possibly could, i'm super lucky to have the support system i do and to live where i live and i can never thank them enough for that 

W&J: which is your favourite bag and why?

TS : The new [w&j] boardbags are so sick, they definitely give enough protection but they look so good too! I'm also really loving the wax pouches, keeping my wax sand free! 


W&J: what puts a smile on your face? 

TS: Travelling the world doing what i love the most and being able to call it my job..... and then coming home to my family after not seeing them for so long, best feeling ever 

W&J: what do you put on your toast?

TS: cheese, tomato and ham.... then i call it pizza!


Tassy is currently teaching surfing at Star Surf Camps, Moliets-et-Maa, France.

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