meet the beach: jack whitcombe [concessionaire]

Jack spends six months of the year surfing and teaching yoga...but we'll forgive him, as the other six, he works 70 plus hours a week running his Sandown beach concession here on the island.

Jack supplies us with one of our most popular repurposed fabrics 'Whitcombes Magic Orange Weave'  [UV resistant, super hard wearing pvc windbreak material]

We got some quick questions in before he dashed off to help some busy grandparents with a parasol/ deckchair set up

W&J: whats your connection with the beach?

JW: i have a deep connection to the ocean, its like a big family and the beach is the mother. Ive spent my life nestled in her bosoms....


JW: haha! no, just kidding! im a fisherman and a surfer mostly, so everything i do is centred around the beach and the sea. Growing up on the island, you get used to going to the beach regularly from a very early age, so it always brings back happy summertime memories for me. Now i work here too, you could pretty much say that my whole is the beach.....

W&J: what makes you smile?

JW: blueberries...yoghurt...getting barrelled

W&J: what do you have on your toast?

JW: always organic Guernsey butter and organic honey from New Zealand

jacks favourite is the frank- [he reckons it attracts ladies...!]

shop the frank here:

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