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old is the new, new

There were two parts to the plan...

Well, there are MORE than two actually... but these were the most important!

Firstly, to bring ALL the manufacturing of our bags back here to the Island.. [they were partly being made in London previously..] 

Thats done!

All Wyatt and Jack deckchair canvas and a bouncy castles bags are now made ENTIRELY here on the IOW.. a totally Island product... WoooHooooOO...!

Secondly, whilst we try to use as much repurposed fabric as possible in the making of the bags, [ and DO!], sometimes its very hard to reuse the findings. For example, rivets are very tricky to use again...

However, the new u n i s e x range, uses up cycled worn leather belts as the fastenings, as well as bespoke piping crafted from second hand coats and jackets...making each one, entirely unique AND over 95% recycled...

We're almost there! 


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