do one thing and do it well

Posted on February 04, 2016 by Georgia Wyatt-Willsmore | 0 comments

Sometimes, when you're so busy doing something, every day, it becomes really difficult to SEE what you're actually doing... if that makes sense??!

In the workshop, there are a hundred different fabrics... which means there are a hundred different possibilities...

So a hundred different bags get produced, in various styles and colours, sizes, shapes...etc...

But then the focus becomes less easy to see.

And the focus has always been and should ALWAYS be, about the fabrics.

As a business, the focus changes... all the time... Should we make a Valentines bag? should we make a Christmas bag? Should we make a bag for people who don't like Wednesdays? The list goes on...

Then it becomes muddled. The soul is lost... It becomes a race.

Somebody once said 'Do one thing and do it well'

So thats whats happening.


We will be making 5 bags. Well.

The site is changing, [ it already has...] but its a process, so please bear with us.

Behind the scenes, there are 5 bags being made. And they will be available whilst we have the fabric. Then when that fabric has gone, the same 5 bags will be made in a different fabric... and so on.

So, once again, the fabric dictates how we work.

Back to the beginning. To the beaches, to the people who run them and the preserving of fabrics that spark feelings of nostalgia.

To the roots...



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