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a little bit of maths and our 10 litre bike tote

wyatt and jack roll top 10 litre bike tote in grey up cycled bouncy castle vinyl pvc

This week, we had a phone call in the workshop, from someone who wanted to know how big our bike tote was... in LITRES?!
Its embarrassing, but you know what? WE DIDNT KNOW!!
I know, right?! So, we found out! And a little while later.... [well, it was MORE than a little while to be honest!] We had FOUND THE CAPACITY!! Our Roll Top Bike Tote holds 10 litres!!
To celebrate this moment of maths wizardry, we've created a discount code... 
Enter 'ten litres' at checkout for 10% off

Cant decide on a colour? shop G I F T | V O U C H E R S

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