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a word on our custom service, FREEPOST address and similar *new* companies

** UPDATE:  19th October 2020 please see our most recent instagram posts for updates, our lead times are now MUCH shorter and our new postal labels can be found here **

As part of our Inflatable Amnesty® we have always offered the option for those who send something in, to have something made for themselves, a lot of the time, as nostalgic memories attached to lovely family holidays etc...

Many people have asked recently if this is a service we still offer- the answer is YES! we DO!

Before we had all the recent unexpected media attention, our lead time for these items, was around 6 weeks [ish] It has now increased quite dramatically!

We are currently working to bring this lead time down and are putting systems in place [in chronological order] to contact you via email, as soon as those items are ready for you to see...

In fact, we have already started to contact, over the last couple of weeks,  BUT it would seem that those emails are ending up in junk in quite a lot of cases... We would like to ask that, if you've sent something and are waiting to hear, you would have a quick skim through your junkmail box and look out for emails from either: OR

If you've sent something and have not yet received an email from us, please feel free to send a follow up email to those email addresses, so we can ensure that our email is recognised by your provider and therefore doesn't end up in the junk file!

[please note, we have different people handling our production address and our social media, so we cannot respond accurately to queries sent via direct messages...]

THANKS for being involved x

wyatt and jacks inflatable amnesty custom orders recycled inflatables

[pic shown triangle pouch example of products made from ex-inflatables]

In other news, our FREEPOST address....

You may have seen recently, that we have just added a new FREEPOST address, for people to send in their defunct inflatables, so we can easily cover the costs and make our Inflatable Amnesty® as accessible as possible...

WELL! We are a little bit annoyed to be honest! We have had people trying to send us items and being refused by their Post Office and other such nonsense! So we contacted the Royal Mail and after a lot of back and forth, it would seem that we have been sold the wrong service!

This is REALLY ANNOYING both for you- and US!

We are currently setting up a new service with , which will enable you to send through items, and will involve a table and/or QR scanning code [this may well be a LOT more convenient for some..]

To be fair, [as i always bang on about!] we are trying to disrupt a system, so this is the very first time the Royal Mail have had to try and figure out a way of accommodating what we need, so i suppose we should expect a few tweaks?!

In the coming few days, we will have a better knowledge of the service you can use to send us these things, in the meantime, please do continue to contact Lottie on and we will arrange collection/delivery in other ways until this is all set up 

The same applies for those who are trying to send us items GLOBALLY.

We have a meeting on Tuesday with a new provider, so will be able to get these items VERY shortly. We will be able to update you more on this during the week.

Until then, we would ask VERY politely, that you hold onto the items for a little while longer- [thanks so much for your patience!]

Until then, i should also mention, that other companies are trying to capitalise on our trademarked Inflatable Amnesty® initiative... we are aware of them and also working in the background to resolve these issues.

It has taken a decades worth of research and development to reach this point in our family business, so please be aware of companies that are springing up without the provenance you would expect from an original concept and idea.

We cannot guarantee or be responsible for, the quality or functionality of products other than our own, with our specific Wyatt and Jack®  trademarked branding.


** UPDATE:  19th October 2020 please see our most recent instagram posts for updates, our lead times are now MUCH shorter and our new postal labels can be found here **




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