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BAN the use of glitter inside inflatable toys / Sign The Petition

Last week, a few of our Inflatable Amnesty recycled product drops, included the use of glitter...

We received an email from a concerned customer, thinking we had been ADDING the glitter to those products!

In reality, that glitter was already INSIDE the inflatables and ready to head to landfill, to cause all kinds of chaos in our waterways and ecosystems...

After addressing the confusion in an Instagram post, I then decided it was time to address the bigger issue... that the inflatables shouldn't be manufactured with glitter inside them at all!

Whilst we realise that glitter should indeed be banned in its entirety, we know from experience that each issue has to be broken down into manageable chunks, so in other words, to fight one fire at a time!

We have started a petition, to put in front of the Secretary of State for Environment and after some research, have discovered that after 10,000 signatures, the petition will receive a response from the government, then only after 100,000 signatures, will it be discussed in parliament...

We would be VERY appreciative of any shares, retweets, signs, so we can grow this to a level where it will be discussed and considered... If it really takes off,  we commit to following it through to the very end!

Thanks for your time x

Wyatt and jack ban the use of glitter in inflatables



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