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Black Friday Isn't Happening Here...[again!] This is What We're Doing...

Since i first saw the effects of black friday a few years ago, i decided that Wyatt and Jack would never take part in the circus and that we would try to turn it into something positive instead and support things that would benefit others, in whatever form that took....So from 2015, we have found different ways to do something positive on this mental weekend...

[you can read more on the original post here ]

In the early stages, it was that we would support local markets and artisans, then we sponsored the Ethical Hour 'Shop Ethical Instead' Campaign

THIS year, we are VERY chuffed to announce that we will be supporting local IOW not for profit and CIC 'John Cattle's Skate Club'

Johns skate club, provides a place for kids to go, all through the year, meet up, skate, make new friends....

As we know, not just here on the Isle of Wight, but all around the country, kids are struggling for activities due to funding or budget cuts, meaning that in areas where there are few extra curricular activities, youth crime rates are higher...

John Cattles Skate Club also provides a place to skate during the holidays, [when kids are at their most bored and restless..!]

For the WHOLE of this black friday weekend, we will be donating 10% of all sales made online AND in our Ryde shop, to John and Zoe, which will hopefully contribute towards them being able to update some of their much needed safety equipment...


Keep On Keeping On John- and MASSIVE thanks for everything you and Zoe do for the kids!

Have a look at what they up to over on their Insta page here 



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