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Crowdfunder // Always ON

Last September [some of you may remember, and even supported- thank you!] we ran a crowdfunding campaign, to get our Inflatable Amnesty® initiative, off the ground...

Well! Who KNEW it was going to be as successful as it has?!!

And nobody could have predicted the amount of broken and discarded inflatables we would receive!

Everything from teeny tiny floating inflatable flamingo drinks holders, to a LIFE SIZED inflatable stone henge- i know right...?! its 40 metres by 40 metres and can bounce 200 people at a time...we felt like druids moving it across the island last weekend!

In fact, its over 15 or so tonnes since the initiative started,  that we [with YOU] have salvaged from landfill...

Its a tricky [though amazing] position to be in and i was a bit unsure when the lovely folks at crowdfunder said we could leave the project 'always on' for donations, [even though we have had many requests from people asking if they can still help...] it felt a bit like cheating in a way... but then i looked at our current working situation and realised that it is FAR FAR away from cheating! Truth is, we need to get all these inflatables housed and categorised properly plus increase production, all under one roof and all, VERY QUICKLY...

So, to give you an idea of what we're dealing with, [aside from the afore-mentioned stonehenge] this week alone, we had 32 boxes [on 2 full pallets] of new bouncy castles arrive.. this really highlights the larger issue here.

The reason we had these delivered, is because it's cheaper and easier logistically, for the person we received them from, to take delivery themselves, of a batch of product, even though some were faulty, than it would be to send them back and/or have them repaired... crazy?!

This is the situation of overconsumption and cheap manufacture that we find ourselves in. A global situation.

We have never said Wyatt & Jack are a 'solution', or that our bags will 'save the world'. There are much bigger things going on here... BUT we can HELP. We can [and have] made a start. 

A diversion. A 'swerve', as i like to call it...

A swerve which means less fabric ending up in landfill and those discarded fabrics being used again, plus less production of new materials, which means less carbon emissions from the processes... a start.

And now we have some AMAZING supporters, collection points, [GLOBALLY!] people sending in their much loved and looked after inflatable holiday companions, to be made into *new* bag companions AND we have to go with this flow...

We're fully involved now and we WILL continue, but the current awareness and spotlight being currently shone on the ongoing plastic crisis, means that something we may have been able to take a few years building, is happening NOW...like, right now....

We are incredibly thankful to the guys at Crowdfunder for seeing our Inflatable Amnesty as a worthy enough project to continue gathering much needed funding for expansion and to YOU, for reading this, for sharing, for talking, for sending and support...

The link to the ongoing campaign is here and you can watch the journey of the Inflatables from their delivery to becoming a bag on Instagram or by searching #inflatableamnesty


us x

* if you would like to send us your broken inflatables, the address is here

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