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Day 6: Its not all loo rolls... [or lack of!!]

its not all loo rolls [or lack of!] and other things that we've posted just to keep chipper [i'm not gonna patronise everyone, because you we all know theres some other quite worrying stuff going on]⁠
one of the things that i personally cant get out of my head, are the people [women, men AND kids] who may be stuck at home, in situations that are horrendous... SO, what we're gonna do, is give some money from each bag sale, to domestic violence charities [Lottie is trying to get hold of them whilst i type, but obviously, they are VERY busy, working remotely and will no doubt have a HUGE backlog...] So we're gonna get this up and running now and let you know the exact names of them, once we've heard back.... We'll be doing this until everyone is allowed back to work in their offices/schools as usual [whatever / whenever that may be 🤷]⁠
** the only products this DOESN'T apply to, are products in the Coppafeel! collection, as we already donate money from those specific products, back to Coppafeel!** but if you take a look at that collection, it will tell you the amount we give per product and we'll apply the same rule to the rest of the site in this case.... ✌️⁠

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