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growth and reviews

Today we received our first 2 star review.

Im not sure whether or not it would be normal practice to write about/ publicise this, but, we want to make sure we remain as transparent as we've always been, so i feel like i need to write this, by way of an explanation of our current situation

Now, maybe many companies have an allocated person to deal with customer reviews, however, we don't, because, in short, i want to know myself how everything is going at the most important end- with the customer! So, the reviews come in straight to my personal email account, which is linked to my phone...

The generic email addresses [held by our website provider] are linked to my computer, so i read those every evening, after a day in the workshop and [steve will tell you also] if a review comes in and we are half way through watching a netflix series at say, 10.30 at night, [we don't get out much!!] i will switch the programme off and respond [even though he tells me i shouldn't] i always want to make sure the customer is ok / happy, because this is what i would want as a customer, or not even a customer, as a human being! NOBODY likes being ignored!

This is also the reason our original landline answerphone message in the workshop, had a redirection to my personal mobile [until last Thursday morning!]

The reason we decided we could no longer direct to my personal mobile, is that it was ringing to the point that i really couldn't get anything else done in terms of fabric salvage, production, literally anything, so, we decided to add a forwarding message and automated response, to our email address, so i could deal with them during that evenings netflix series [which is exactly what i still do- sorry Steve!]

BUT, check THIS out for a nightmare! Also, on Frida ymorning, we handed one of our other connected mailboxes to someone who has just started, so we can deal with things a bit quicker as they come in and as a consequence- MY MAILBOX HAS BEEN LOCKED OUT!

We [steve and i] have now managed to bypass the usual way of retrieving them and accessed them another way- bearing in mind, this technical blip has only been since friday- but being as busy as we currently are- this has caused absolute stressful mayhem!!

Im genuinely sorry if you've emailed during this time and we haven't been able to respond, but i really can't attach my personal mobile number to the workshop anymore-[the anxiety and stress levels are REALLY unhealthy, so much so, that we now have Sundays off, so we can be as a family, before that, i particularly, worked every single night and day..]

The landline in the workshop still rings and there is a messaging service. The ONLY [and i mean ONLY] times we are not there are when we are called out to do other salvage related jobs [unless one of our kids or family need us- that will ALWAYS come first]

I would just kindly ask that, instead of automatically reaching for that review button, please be a little bit more patient as we are a little family business experiencing ENORMOUS growth [hey, I'm not complaining- thats what we want- and we don't want endless plastics in landfill] but that HAS to come a very close second to our customers, as thats our main aim- always!

If you've been waiting for a while- we're sorry! we WILL get back to you.. we are taking more people on every day, so hopefully this blip will pass in the next couple of weeks...

On orders, again, with the growth we are experiencing, we do try and make sure everything is perfect when it leaves us, sometimes the odd one slips through the net- again, we're sorry and we are working hard to make sure this doesn't happen...

Also, if you REALLY REALLY need an item by a particular date, PLEASE choose the super fast option at checkout, on a personal note, i honestly HATE to think of people not receiving birthday / anniversary gifts in time!

if mine didn't arrive in time- i would also be i know where you're coming from...

I suppose what i'm trying to say, is that we are EXTREMELY grateful for EVERY SINGLE order we have, we're just asking you to bear with us during this transitional period of growth. we really don't want to lose the personal nature of what we're doing, we just need a bit of time...

thanks for your understanding.

G&S x




  • Love your honesty and huge respect for maintaining your transparency – this should be required reading for all brands.

    mr s forster
  • Hi Georgia,

    It’s great to see you being so transparent and I applaud your honesty, it shows that there is a real human behind your business! We tried to get in touch via email but completely understand that you are super busy and running things by yourself. Do you have a number we can contact you on to see if our services could help you? – Sian


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