humility // its not about the likes

Its a weird and difficult balance

Starting, running, owning, designing, failing, succeeding, speaking from your heart

Speaking from the heart of a brand which feels like an extension of your heart

How personal should i be? should i flat lay ALL my instagram photos and pretend i live in a pastel fuelled vortex of 'perfection'? do people really want to see what i had as a snack before lunchtime?

Most days, i feel like the Dennis Waterman character in the Fast Show, you know the one "write the theme tune- sing the theme tune"?!!

Trying to do everything and feeling like i should be doing more- in  different, better, more inventive ways...

In the past few weeks, I've noticed there seems to be a growing wave.

A lack of humility. 

Its funny, sometimes I feel like i need to regroup. to really assess what we are trying to achieve here and stick to it.

Its very easy to run away with the idea that you're on the right track, that 'followers' equate to success, or reinforcement of an ethos. 

I find for me, it works in the reverse. I feel a pressure to deliver content on a grand scale, every day, to 'feed the feed' with inspirational quotes, hilarious workshop anecdotes or the latest huge milestone we may have reached...["better do that LIVE, everyones doing 'LIVE' now...!"]

Should i mention my years of sustainability consulting experience? Does it need to be said?

Do I need to qualify the things I've done, that we as a business strive to achieve?

I didn't think so, until it became apparent that people were basing my/our knowledge and experience on our amount of social media followers?!

The mind boggles!

Truth is, a lot of what we do here, never gets written about. There isn't the time and, in all honesty, we're too busy doing it!

Lets get right to the point here, this is not a competition.

Its a WAY of doing business, living, changing the normal functions, its a PROCESS and it takes AGES...there is no 'quick fix'

Because these 'ways' now have titles 'sustainability' 'up cycling' 'transparency' 'closed loop' the list goes on and the pressure goes UP... and up and up..

There seems to be no time to look at what we have all achieved so far...

We can always be better. As business people, as HUMANS. We don't always get it right. Well, I DEFINITELY don't.

What i hope though, on both a personal AND business level, is that i NEVER take any connection [old OR new], sale of product, customer, stockist, supplier, for granted.

That those connections are as strong today, if not stronger, as they were [in some cases ] 8/9 years ago...

I never consider Wyatt and Jack to be any BETTER or any WORSE than any company we have the good fortune to work with. And i NEVER make the assumption that the number of 'followers' equates to the success of a business or the knowledge and experience of those running it...i think thats basic? isn't it??

We are EQUAL.

What i would also say, is that whoever you are, however big your company gets or in whatever way it grows, remain HUMBLE.

Theres that old saying isn't there....






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