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Inflatable Amnesty // Kickstarter

wyatt and jack inflatable amnesty kickstarter

As you may know, a couple of months ago, we launched our Inflatable Amnesty

We were hoping to have a few inflatable sent to us, instead of heading to landfill, where they will NEVER disintegrate or we could make them into bags to be used again and again and again...

wyatt and jack inflatable amnesty on kickstarter

And we did! People began sending their broken beach toys, lilos, flamingoes, you name it!

And we collected them too- we still do!! In fact, the whole initiative has become ENORMOUS!!

In order for us to deal with the size and scale of it as quickly and efficiently as possible, last night, we launched a Kickstarter funding page

We only have a short time on this one, as, due to the size of the items, people find it hard to store them- thats why we need to get to them as quickly as possible!

We are offering rewards ranging from mini card pouches, right the way through to a weekends bag making workshop and overnight stay here on the Island

Inflatable amnesty wyatt and jack flamingo bum bag

If you would like to pledge, or share, you can find the link here

The original blog post explaining more about the Inflatable Amnesty Intitative can be found here

The collection of bags we have made so far from the inflatables can be seen here

THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN for your support with this so far!

Follow the amnesty on Instagram #inflatableamnesty

If you would like to organise a collection point, email us at and we can sort logistics with you


  • I live in upstate New York, USA, and have just heard of your project, are you still collecting?
    I have a number of deflated inflatables that I would like to send to you (I understand that you will reimburse me for my postage) where do I need to send them.

    Kathie McKeon
  • Do you take paddling pools?
    If you do where is the nearest point for drop off near Milton Keynes?


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