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Inflatable Amnesty Unboxing on YouTube


As those of you who follow us on Instagram may know, when we receive broken inflatables through the post as part of our Inflatable Amnesty®, we unbox them in our workshop and broadcast it live in our Insta stories... before turning them into bags

Well, lots of you have asked if we can make them visible for longer than the original clips on our page, SO, we have started uploading them to our YouTube channel... [as you can see, by our teeny tiny amount of subscribers...] We don't tend to use our channel much, so hopefully we will now start uploading more content to share with you!

Heres the first video...[eeek!] Apparently, if you subscribe, thats good too?!

We also have a dedicated Facebook group for our Inflatable Amnesty, which you can join here...

Wyatt & Jack's Inflatable Amnesty
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Wyatt and Jack's Inflatable Amnesty is a community where people can help collect broken inflatables and save them from landfill... We will collect the...


Have a GREAT Wednesday!

G&S x


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