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Inflatable Amnesty WE NEED YOUR HELP

It's now 4 years since we opened up our Inflatable Amnesty initiative up to the public.

In these 4 years, it has shown us the extent of this problem. Not just here in the UK, but on a GLOBAL scale!!

We have a community on our Facebook gourp of over 2K [and counting!] We receive requests daily, asking if we can set up the initiative in countries all over the world...

So far we have swerved over 500 tonnes of these plastics and so far, [aside from a tiny crowd funder in the beginning and a very generous anonymous donation] we have funded it ourselves.

We used to pay entirely for postage, until we received so many postage surcharges and SO MANY items, that we had to pay towards postage instead.

We also had to use a temporary poly tunnel, very kindly leant to us by our neighbours, to sort all the items...

They needed that back, so we had to empty it and hire a container to house it all.

This was by far the most horrific visual evidence of the extent of this problem and how important it is for us to continue with the amnesty, plus scale it and show others how to do what we're doing here...

Ever the optimist, I thought we would be able to do it by ourselves.

I had no idea it would be so successful! Literally NONE!

Unfortunately it has now grown to the point that we can just no longer continue to fund it on our own...

The process of sorting, washing and preparing the fabrics, even BEFORE they are turned into bags, is MASSIVELY labour intensive. So much so, that we really need to set the Inflatable Amnesty up as an entity in its own right, then organise enough staff and logistics to deal with it all...

This is why we have now set up a just giving page 

At the moment, we have had to pause accepting any more items until we can get some kind of funding sorted out.

We REALLY don't want this initiative to die, its become clear that instead of being an initiative, its a needed service [again, we had NO IDEA!]

We know it's been a rough year for everyone and it may not be possible for you to support us with a donation at the moment, but any teeny tiny share or post, would REALLY help us to reach as many people as possible and allow us to continue with this work.

Thanks for taking the time to read this x




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