Kickstarter and Why We're Asking

I've written this before, not in such detail and not in such a personal way...but i think this is the time...

Ive definitely said before, that i wasn't a 'business woman'. Certainly not one of the power dressing- shoulder padded- devil-wears-prada types....

-and I'm not now. but i am a woman in business-and I've had to make some changes. I've had to be confident in my decision making and stand behind it. I've had to get up from various knocks- I've thought about walking away from the bags many many times... but i can't.

Its not an option. This is the 7th year of making them and its growing. In order for it to grow and still maintain the ethos that i cling onto so desperately, we need an high street outlet, with passing trade.

Everything is made here on the island, in the Bembridge workshop and people are gradually becoming aware that is the case.

georgia founder director wyatt and jack in bembridge workshop

Over Christmas last year, we were invited to take part in an ethical popup, based in Soho London.

There are a couple of Wyatt and Jack bag stockists in London- but this was Christmas and slap bang in the heart of the smoke.

So the bags sold out. Again and again. I couldn't believe it.

Afterwards, it was clear that as soon as they were put in front of a large audience- they sold in large quantities.

At the moment, I've reached a crossroads. Its been close to the wire the last couple of months, i'll be honest. 

So whats next? Well as anyone who has come into contact with anyone who owns or runs a business will tell you, you have to take risks. All the time. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but i believe the risk we [and hopefully you, as our loyal supporters] are taking now, is a calculated one, that will certainly pay off and allow the business to grow in the organic way it needs to.

Based on the success of the product in SoHo over Christmas, the next logical step that i can see, is to have our own little shop, in a central part of London, for a limited amount of time.

Obviously, as a relatively small company, battling with cashflow as all small businesses do, it would be nearly impossible for me to find the funds up front to enable this to happen.

Hence Kickstarter.

So here i am, putting forward a project, to help set up a Wyatt and Jack London Pop Up shop.

The money will go towards stocking the shop, staffing the shop and all the things that surround that.

The outcome will be that we create increased and centred brand awareness and enough sales and leads to enable us to move forward, with the end result of continuing to save this fabric from landfill, securing our transparent supply chain and, eventually, creating employment here on the IOW.

Obviously we want to give back as much as we can to everyone who can help us support this project.

Every pledge of £25 or more will see your name across the store in vinyl

£100 -£200 will receive a personalised embroidered tote of your choice

£200 + will receive a day in the workshop, here on the island, watching and taking part in the processes and taking away your own finished bag

£500 + will receive ALL of the above

Many thanks for your support and please share this post if you can- it all helps us to achieve our goal!

Help us reach our target H E R E

T H A N K Y O U 


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