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march meet the maker

wyatt & jack The Beginning low 540 from wyatt&jack on Vimeo.


As part of the Instagram March Meet The Maker challenge, this blog post is to introduce myself.

Im Georgia, founder and director of Wyatt and Jack.

Ive been running W&J for around 7 years now,  [formerly known as Jamtarts and Tractors], until I was fortunate enough to receive investment, both privately and from the IOW Chamber of Commerce, which allowed me to rebrand as Wyatt and Jack [both of which are family names, relevant as its very much a family run company]

It started when a friends father [an IOW beach concessionaire], asked me to remove some PVC covers from some 1970's sun beds.

It was bright yellow fabric, with 'FOR HIRE' written across the top. I loved it and couldn't part with it, so i made myself a bag...someone saw it, so i made them a bag... and so it went on...

It was then I realised that at the end of each season, there was a lot of this fabric being thrown away. Often at expense to the concessionaire as they were having to pay the council...

I like a road trip, so i sought out the beach concessionaires from around the coasts of the UK and collected up as much fabric as i could...

I love my job. Sometimes its tricky to switch between roles and i hadn't really envisaged myself as a company director, anyway.... this video better explains what i'm banging on about...

nice to meet you and thanks for supporting the bags




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