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meet the beach // austin [margate]

The award winning beaches of Margate, Kent, on the South Coast of the UK,  have long been a popular tourist destination.

Austin and his brother Adam have worked those beaches since 1992, they provide us their beach parasols, deckchair canvases and windbreaks at the end of every season, or when they need replacing.

The Margate canvas is very distinctive and one of the only places in the country to use the red, white and green stripes

wyatt and jack up cycled deckchair canvas beach tote from margate beach canvas

 Austin tells us a bit about his life on the beach

"My favourite memory of these beaches has to be the Only Fools and Horses 'Jolly Boys' episode...
Ive seen the beach change lots over the years, more people are visiting from the cities in larger groups than before
Now the Turner Gallery has opened, we also have more day trippers arriving from London and Europe

The highs of the job are that when the weathers good, more people are on the beach want to hire our beach goods, the lows are the amount of rubbish that people are still regularly leaving behind"

wyatt and jack margate deckchair canvas up cycled wristlet

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