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New Pricing, a Paddling Pool Update and Ltd Edition Products

We've been doing a LOT of testing and production research over the last few weeks and months...

We're constantly trying to evolve and find the right balance between the labour intensive nature of what we do and achievable [affordable!] price points for our customers...

One of the many bonuses of making here in the UK, is that we can implement changes, relatively quickly- plus we have a VERY talented team of cutters and machinists that can respond and adapt to different new ways of working...

The balance also has to take into account the end goal, which is to save as much fabric from landfill and beaches- as possible!

So, we have readjusted lots of things our end and are pleased to say that we are now able to reduce the costs on some of our products and we are passing that saving onto our customers, not just in an altruistic way, but also so we can shift more products and save more fabric!

The Collections we have been able to adjust are *some* products within the Rainbow Mermaid Collection, the whole Paddling Pool Edit [which also means we're even closer to being able to accept them into our Inflatable Amnesty again!] PLUS our Sacrilege Collection

Its a work in progress, so we're still gonna be beavering away in the background on things and will still run the occasional discount every now and then too :)

In other new this week, its the introduction of our 'new product- new week' idea...

At the moment we currently have around 350 products on our site [including variants!!] Thats a LOT of products... probably too many!!

AND the other thing we're extremely lucky to have in our workshop are 3 qualified machinists, who are also designers!

That means, its never short of ideas in here!

Thing is, we can't just flood the site with product after product... SO, we've decided to release new products on a 'one week only' basis

Not only does this mean that those bags are limited editions, it also means that we have the space to allow our team to try new things and see what works and what doesn't!

It also means that we will be removing that product [and/or one that doesn't do very well] each week- to keep things fresh!

That's all for updates for now, we'll be updating this blog more regularly, so if there's something you would like to ask us, let us know and we'll try and answer it here, or on our Facebook page here, or Inflatable Amnesty group here




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