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Wyatt and Jack X One Good Thing [dubai]

We are very lucky when it comes to our growing family of stockists, in that they are all, without exception, ethically minded.

When we were approached by Bridgitte [co-founder of new Dubai based online store One Good Thing], we were firstly, totally surprised that they had found us and secondly, really keen to be involved with what they were building.

A marketplace, specifically for those who are interested in the provenance behind their purchase and the impact those products have on the environment [whether locally, globally or both]

Hats off to Bridgette and her husband [co-founder Michael]

They have managed to successfully curate a beautiful looking site, filled with interesting and [often] moving stories surrounding their makers and their wares

We are very humbled to be in the company of so many who are actively pursuing a change.

Here's one of our favourites:

Article 22

From Bombs to Bracelets

In a country with a dark past after years of warfare, Article22 steps in to create a new story for Laos. Transforming weapons into accessories and war into peace, local artisans create high-end, luxury jewellery using shrapnel left behind after the region’s war. Every piece of jewellery tells both the untold story of a nation and a new tale of transformation.

By creating accessories... read more


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