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shoddy editing | the pick up

2018, its all about the video... so they say!

After being approached by several different companies recently, all wanting us to provide video content, we are now in the process of filming EVERYTHING we do..

But, as promised, we thought it was important to show you the beginnings, when we used to travel up and down the UK, collecting our fabrics from beaches, before washing them in the back garden and sewing them in the spare bedroom of our home!

Hopefully those of you who may have only just joined us on our journey, will get a feeling for how Wyatt and Jack started and how, as much as we can [and space will allow], we have tried to retain as many of the original ways of working as possible...

I miss the travelling and catching up. As the business has grown, I seem to have less and less time to make that journey and the fabric arrives with us on pallets more often now.

This year, We're hoping to do do more of [and film!] the pick up journeys and bring you some stories of the folks we get our fabrics from

In the meantime, heres the first of a few [VERY ROUGH] videos from the first couple of years of Wyatt and Jack. Please excuse the shoddy quality and bad editing! 

I personally, think its important to share this stuff. No brand or business starts off as  the polished article that has now become the norm on most social media platforms.

These are the roots, OUR roots. The beginning...

Although Wyatt and Jack has now become something else in many respects, I still feel the same excitement at receiving bags of fabrics and not knowing what may be inside- -just like the old days!

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If you've been here since the beginning, THANKS for supporting- if you're new here- THANKS for joining, we really appreciate it


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