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p r o v e n a n c e

provenance | wyatt and jack messenger bag from up cycled 1950's deckchair canvas from wyatt&jack on Vimeo.

A few years ago I had a phone call, from the Beach Shack Cafe in Sandown .

They were expanding their restaurant, to make an indoor area and were knocking down a disused toilet block to do so.

When they started, they stumbled on another little closed off section and when they opened it, there were LOADS of deckchairs hiding inside.

wyatt and jack sundown beach shack up cycled deckchair beach pouch new on etsy provenance story telling

They had been stored there in the 1950's, the door had been closed and they had been forgotten about.

Total treasure chest of fabrics. They hadn't seen the light of day for a good 50-60 years, so the canvases were still as bright as they had been in their beach days.

Really old rare fabrics, in stripes that don't exist today. 

wyatt and jack provenance up cycled deckchair canvas beach pouch on etsy

We took them all away, washed them back and made some of our more vintage limited edition bags.

Added over on the Etsy shop, original Isle of Wight deckchair canvases, in unique stripes.


Totally sourced and sewn here on the Island. Full circle.


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