Im not one for a quote really... its not my thing

I always think its patronising when i walk around shops and see bits of wood carved with instructions on how you should live, or how quietly mad your family are... ANYWAY, on this occasion, it seems appropriate.

Growing up i never saw myself as 'one of the girls'. My boobs were always the smallest, i couldn't put make up on without bearing more than a slight resemblance to Tim Curry circa Rocky Horror, so i threw myself into sport and automatically thought that most girls didn't want me around anyway...

It was only on a friends hen night LOADS of years later, that she told me they really wanted me to spend more time with them... so my shyness had come over as being aloof!! unbelievable.. all those misunderstood years

I had a minor operation yesterday. Just a day surgery job. But it reminded me of those days.

The same women i had been sitting opposite in the reception a couple of hours earlier, were all now lined up behind half drawn curtains, alongside me, together, without make up, or jewellery and all of us sporting the very glam post-operative gown [this i believe is all the rage in paris]

Nothing to hide behind. All pretty vulnerable.

It got me thinking.

Running a business, being women, we are very rarely able to show our vulnerability. We have to be 'ball breaking', 'hard hitting' competing in what really still is a 'mans world' and sometimes, going head to head with each other. 

Power Women.

But you know what. In that ward yesterday, all of us women, at our most vulnerable together, sharing stories and a few tears- there was a hell of a lot of power in that room.

Women leaning on each other, helping each other in what was for some, if not all, a difficult time, for one reason or another.

So, yeah, real Queens, they fix each others crowns.

They help each other up, they remember that behind our masks of makeup or carefully chosen outfit, we are all women, doing as best we can.. and instead of beating each other down, or comparing ourselves, we need to be solid in the fact that we are not in competition with each other- we are all the same- and we have LOADS to offer one another



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