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Radio Silence and An Update From Us

Hi All!

Buckle up! It's a long one...

Firstly, apologies for the recent radio silence...

If you're a follower of our social media pages you'll already know that the last few weeks have been, well... challenging,  to say the least!


We've experienced intense staff shortages alongside a viral social media post about our Inflatable Amnesty, whilst at the same time self isolating as our son had Covid, none of which could have been foreseen unfortunately...It's been horrible.


BUT, I can now say that we have almost cleared the order backlog and are currently working on orders from the 14th August. To put this into context, we are usually a team of 7-8, with a product turnaround of 24/48 hours...

 We are currently a team of 4-5 and everyone is doing a little bit of everything, to make sure the cogs still turn...


We can't thank you enough for being so patient! 


We do understand its not always possible to wait for our bags, as they may be needed for holidays, birthdays, special we always try and accommodate these requests,  in recent weeks, that's been a bit more tricky, but we're training up some new people and hope to be back on top of our game very soon..


If you're currently waiting for an order placed during the dates of 14th- 20th August, its due to leave us next week...

If you place an order today, or until the 1st week of September, there will be a 3 week wait as we catch up [use code:  I'm pretty patient 

at checkout, for 20% off your order until 1st Sept]

If you have any worries about an order, please do give us a shout and we'll help you out!

Thanks so much again, your patience is [more than ever] helping to keep this little business alive and we couldn't do it without you! 


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