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wyatt and jack X ethical hour #shopethicalinstead campaign 2017 black friday


We are VERY proud to announce our BRAND NEW partnership with the team at #ethicalhour

We are currently sponsoring this years #shopethicalinstead campaign, in a bid to create something a bit more positive than the current Black Friday madness...

#ethicalhour founder Sian Conway explains why we need to make the change:

"Mass consumption is affecting the planet and people in supply chains all around the world, with factory workers in developing countries often working long hours in unsafe conditions for very little wages. Electrical goods and clothing are two of the most purchased things on Black Friday, and yet DEFRA have reported that 350,000 tonnes of clothing going to landfill each year and electrical and electronic equipment is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK"  more here

If you fancy getting involved and helping us encourage people to #shopethicalinstead , you can add your voice to the campaign here

FREE shipping on all orders over £50 with code SHOPETHICALINSTEAD h e r e 



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