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So far, since isolation and social distancing, with YOUR help...

When it became clear that we were all going to be at home for a while, either working from home, self isolating, or helping the vulnerable keep safe, we made a decision as a business, that throughout the isolation period, we would give an amount of money per sale of bag, to a charity that supports those trying to escape from domestic violence, or in abusive situations in a home they cannot escape, or have respite from,  in these very difficult strange  times

I am VERY pleased to announce that last week, we ere able to donate the first round of care packages to the domestic violence charity, Refuge.

With your continued support we were able to donate, one 'children's education package', one 'emergency sanitation pack', one 'emergency parcel' and one 'emergency accommodation package'

Wyatt and jack donation refuge self isolation domestic violence charity support

We are hoping to continue to send donations every week, so Refuge receive the support in 'real time' whilst we are in this crisis situation, we will be updating these regularly on our Instagram stories here

[please note, the donations will be made from sales of bags across the whole site, excluding our collaborative Coppafeel! collection]

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