Stock, Sustainability // Why you're helping the planet, by waiting for your bag…

So, imagine this…

You set up a business, maybe... selling bags [?!]

And you think to yourself, I’ll make a red and blue bag… and i think people will REALLY like the red and blue, so I’ll make FIFTY of them, lets say….

In order to do this, I’ll source the fabric, for 50 bags… [in the most sustainable way possible]

I’ll wash the fabric, for 50 bags…. by hand… [using the least harsh processes I can…]

Then I’ll assemble the 50 bags… also by hand, on a sewing machine, here in the UK

-because I know that it makes the most sustainable sense to try and increase manufacture here, [where we’re based],

Plus not transporting  the fabric any more than necessary,

Plus employing people in as sustainable and ethical way as possible…

So…. we make the FIFTY BAGS….

Then we’ll try and sell them

But in reality, we only sell two... lets say...

So we sit on the stock for a long time…. We’ve already ‘made too many’

Then the bag loses its value, both sustainably and in terms of the sustainable approach to business and manufacture

We’ve already used resources for *hypothetical* reasons…we've made 50 bags in their entirety...

As we all know, we’re running out of those resources, on a global scale.

We’ve seen evidence of that in the piles of brand new clothes being BURNT each year, for example…

It just doesn't make any sense…

Its funny, because my ultimate goal, in terms of feeling like i had achieved something as a business, was always to want to see a pile of stock, so i knew we had something to sell / keep us going… That, I see now, is the wrong way around!

Now i realise, in terms of sustainability, it makes ZERO sense!

So, this is what we’re doing…

We’re making bags that you want, when you want them and hoping to build a model that enables us to achieve that goal along the same [reasonable] time frame as other companies who already have those items sitting in a pile on a shelf, ready for dispatch…

Its another reason why we’re getting rid of our current shop… The thing with a shop, is that you have to fill it- with STOCK

The best thing about all this is, that soon [once we’ve dealt with the backlog of orders] we will still be able to turn products around in almost as quicker time as companies who DO have/make or buy stock….

The other best thing about it- is that YOU are helping us do it!

Every single one of you, who has waited patiently for us to implement these [not very common at all]  practices, is enabling us to achieve this goal. 

The basis of which runs completely along the lines of true circular economy and no waste! 

 Admittedly, we have hit a few hurdles and, understandably, not everyone has been able to wait… i get that…. we hope one day you may return…

I always thought of our specific ‘waste’  [aside from the fact that our bags are MADE from waste] , as being the ‘by products’ of our processes.

It didn't occur to me that actually, a product in its fully made and completed state, is just as much ‘waste’, if nobody wants it?!

It seems so obvious now!

We already have a ‘no quibble’ returns policy, repair service and end of life policy…this feels like one of the next missing pieces! Another small, but important step….

I know right? MIND BLOWING!! Or perhaps to some, screamingly obvious!

Maybe this could be the model for the next generation of manufacture on a large scale?!

Revisiting the values of waiting for something… the anticipation… and knowing that its been made specifically for you, by people who are paid fairly and enjoy coming to work… who put a little bit of themselves into your order… its pretty special when you think about it!

In other news, we’re nearly there.. so hoping to clear the rest of the backlog by friday of this week…

AGAIN a massive thanks to all of those bearing with us!




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