Sustainability Sunday // New Labelling

Its been a while since I've had a chance to write the Sustainability Sunday blog!

We've had one HELL of an amazing year and i'm still not too sure that any of us can really believe it!

So, now that we have cleared an ENORMOUS backlog of orders, we have been able to revisit something that I started to research a few years ago...

Obviously, our main incentive is and always has been, to salvage as much fabric as we can and stop it heading to landfill- turns out a WHOLE lot of you, also wanted that too- so we hit the ground running...

That has meant that we have kept certain aspects of the bags, that were not entirely in line with our ethos, just to keep the flow going and not disappoint! One of these elements, was our labelling..

I spent a LONG time in the early days, researching labelling that had the least environmental impact, [we have to remember also, that certain options were not yet available- sustainability was and still is, in some cases, way down the list in terms of what was available and at a price point that was still accessible to our customers]

So, after much mumming and ahhing, we went with the silicone labelling and employed an 'End of Life' policy, so we would be responsible for what we create- BUT it still didn't feel quite right!

Don't get me wrong, aesthetically, the labels were perfect! We all love the feel and look of them- but it still wasn't in line with what we're ultimately trying to achieve..

So, we have FINALLY been able to work with a *very* local, forward thinking, island based company- to produce new labelling- made from salvaged fabrics!!

wyatt and jack x sign shop new salvaged labelling

This is VERY exciting and we are very lucky to have found this opportunity- right on our doorstep!!

Its important to mention, that these are a work in progress, so we may not have it EXACTLY right- but, again, we're trying to do something for the first time, so we hope you will understand and bear with us- besides- isn't it a little bit boring if we got everything spot on at the first try?!

Most importantly, these new [old] labels, are made from reused fabrics that are already in existence, plus travelled ZERO MILES and can be made in quantities that we need, as and when we need them- as opposed to enormous quantities that may go unused and generate waste- which is all part of our larger plan to be as sustainable in our manufacturing as possible!! WOooHOOOOO!

wyatt and jack new labelling from salvaged fabrics

THANKS so much to Glen at Sign Shop, for being open to suggestion and taking risks with expensive machinery!

Step by step, we are bringing every element of our processes back to the Isle of Wight- which is pretty special!

If you have ordered a bag from us in the past week or so, you will be one of the first to see this work in progress!

[also- dont forget we have gift vouchers if you're running a bit late...!]

Have a GREAT and peaceful Christmas! and THANKS so much for supporting us during this crazy [tiring!] and exciting year! 

Heres to an even more amazing 2020!


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