Sustainability Sunday // Wyatt and Jack X Stellen

Almost two years ago now, we were approached by the lovely Kate Strickland from Stellen Jewellery, about the possibility of a collaboration of some kind...

We are always looking for ways in which to reduce our waste, so it made perfect sense!

Kate makes jewellery and accessories from waste products, mostly from waste generated within the t-shirt industry.

We got our heads together, sent Kate some of our [already waste] bouncy castle offcuts and Kate began making some AMAZING earrings!

Wyatt and jack stellen collaboration earrings from bouncy castles

We had a little chat with Kate about what motivates her and where it all takes place, as part of this weeks 'Sustainability Sunday' blog...

Over to Kate...

Kate Strickland stellen earrings and zero waste accessories

"Stellen is run, by me, from a bijou studio in Folkestone’s creative quarter just a few steps from the sea.

I first started making jewellery in 2016, before that I worked for over a decade in community theatre, youth theatre and drama teaching.

Inspired by a desire to contribute to the growing movement of designers committed to recycling and reusing waste materials but still working with creativity and drama, I knew I wanted to work with materials that were playful, bold and colourful!

My soft and chunky statement necklaces, kits and homewares are made from T-shirt yarn, a by-product of the fashion industry.

stellen earrings and necklaces from bouncy castles and waste products

T-shirt yarn is comprised of offcuts and pattern wastage, so is technically all of the parts that don’t actually make it into being a t-shirt. I also reuse vintage and pre-loved toy beads as well as tiny little model railway figures.

I'm always looking to refine and improve the sustainability of the items that i make; no-one is perfect, but every small step forwards you can make starts to make a difference...

I was over the moon to start a collaboration with Wyatt and Jack!

I first found out about Wyatt and Jack when I was searching for an eco-friendly birthday present, I fell in LOVE and felt excited enough by what they were doing to ask if they thought a collaboration could work.

I feel really proud that Stellen makes even a tiny, triangle-shaped, difference in their work to save these forgotten plastics from landfill!

See the whole collaborative collection here

If you would like to collaborate with us, please do get in contact via 


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