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Updated Inflatable Amnesty Map


The most up- to- date version of our inflatable amnesty map!

Once again- THANKS so much to all of you have offered to be collection / drop off points for this! We can't believe the amount of support and momentum this initiative has built up! A really LOVELY community of like- minded people!

If you would like to be involved, ping us an email at inflatable and we can send you through more details

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Inflatable Amnesty Collection



  • Where do I drop it off.
    I cannot find anything on any site to say where drop off is on Isle of Wight.

  • Hello we have 2 lilos which we would like to donate – is there a pick-up point in Surrey or London or Hampshire where we can bring them, please?
    Thanks very much,

  • Hello,
    I am based in West Coast of Ireland, do you have any collection points in Ireland or is there a means to send stuff to you?


    Deirdre Dunne

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