"I was using a canvas tote before I found your bags, but it always gets SO wet!!"

" I was using a canvas tote before I found your bags, but it always gets SO wet!!"

It's a funny one isn't it?

I know as soon as I properly realised the impact single use plastic bags were having, I switched pretty quickly to a  reusable cotton canvas tote...

But check this out, the more we all find out about the manufacture of these things, we more we realise the impact in other areas that may not have been so obvious before, for example how much water is used during the process of making them?

We are always looking at more efficient and sustainable ways we could improve our supply chain.

Over a year ago now, we switched from our low impact silicone labelling, to making labels in-house, from offcuts generated during the manufacture of our bags, as part of our ongoing journey towards becoming zero waste and less miles travelled.

Its a pretty labour intensive process and it took weeks to perfect, but after practice, its now second nature [in fact, you can even buy them on their own now as key rings here ]

wyatt and jack inflatable amnesty zero waste keyrings

One of the areas I was particularly keen to calculate as quickly as possible, was the amount of water we're using, during the washing processes of our salvaged fabrics.

They are washed using the 'eco' short cycle setting of our machines, but at a high temperature to ensure they are super clean.

That sounds detrimental in terms of electricity being used, although around 20% off our workshop electricity is generated by solar panels.

Why isn't that a higher percentage?

Well, its all very complicated and involves  electricity pipes not being wide enough underneath the solent, the Isle of Wight generating TOO MUCH [?!] wind and solar power and other things I don't quite understand, Yet! 

Anyway, I was really shocked [and pleased!] to see the outcome of our maths concerning our own water usage...

On average, it takes 2,720 litres of water to make a basic cotton T-Shirt


Its really hard to find *actual* statistics on a cotton tote specifically, but on a square metre basis, they're quite similar to a t-shirt...

Our ex bouncy castle bags use 2.66 litres each!! That's ONE THOUSAND times less!!

I know??!! HOW GOOD IS THAT?!

We do have to also remember that the cotton items I'm talking about are all made from newly produced *virgin* fabrics and our salvaged bouncy castles and inflatables have already been used for their original purposes [and as such considered 'waste'] -even so, pretty cool huh?!

view totes here

wyatt and jack bouncy castle bags sustainable uk brand

Have a click on the link here, if you fancy working out how much your own personal water footprint may be.

[link not affiliated with Wyatt & Jack, just a little curiosity quiz]


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